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Advanced Mold Control has always believed that the most important aspect of our business is to provide you with extraordinary customer service and great quality of work on every job every time. To achieve this, we use the most advanced technology, undergo consistent training, and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 


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End your mold problems with the help of Advanced Mold Control

The key to mold remediation is finding the source of the problem. When you call Advanced Mold Control, you’re getting an experienced staff member by your side. They will personally oversee all aspects of your home remediation needs. Our staff members undergo extensive training and have the experience you need to take care of your mold problems once and for all.


What is mold?

Molds are organisms that may be found indoors and outdoors. They are part of the natural environment and play an important role in the environment by breaking down and digesting organic material, such as dead leaves.



Mold does not need a lot of water to thrive and cause major problems….

Mold Inspection/Testing

Mold Inspection Service

Our visual inspection service starts with the area of concern that you have with your home to identify potential causes of mold growth in the area, and inspection of any other areas that could pose potential problems with mold. Our Certified inspector at Advanced Mold Control will provide you with comprehensive solutions to remove the mold and offer permanent sollutions to prevent mold from returning.

Unique Remediation Solutions.

Every mold remediation project is different, however certain procedures are always performed on every project to ensure safety and a completely successful remediation.


State of the Art Services

We are devoted to giving you state-of-the-art remediation service with every job. The team is consistently striving to be the best in our industry.

We are also devoted to giving your remediation the attention it deserves. Every structure varies in levels of contamination and every occupant has different tolerance levels. Our technicians will give you the personal attention you need to achieve an affordable remediation and prevention strategy…..

Expert Mold Prevention Education

One of the keys to controlling your mold issue is controlling moisture. Mold spores are dependent upon water to grow. Moisture enters your home from a wide variety of sources, including the very air you breathe.

Step 1: Humidity and moisture control

If you want to prevent mold growth, you need to prevent moisture from entering your home as best as you can, and eliminate the humidity.

Moisture creeps in from the ground, through the concrete walls and floors of your home. This moisture can permanently damage your foundation and furnishings and put your household at risk of bacteria and mold growth.

What our clients say about us

Caleb was extremely helpful by explaining everything to us in detail before beginning the project. Provided pictures prior to beginning the project and told us what we could expect when the project was completed. He and his crew worked very hard and long hours for a couple of days to complete this project in 4 days. He was very accommodating in working around our time frame. Pictures provided following completion of the project and the electrician said he had never seen a crawl space that clean! Excellent job! Excellent results! Highly recommend!

-Kathy T. Tolono, IL

“Very customer friendly, easy to talk to. Shows up when he says. Stays to the quote.” -Randy W. Peoria, IL

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