Advanced System

Advanced Mold Control utilizes Two proprietary state of the art options:

– UV light generators to manufacture clean ozone

– Advanced Botanicals

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How We Produce Ozone with our Advanced System


At Advanced Mold Control we utilize our proprietary state of the art UV light generators to manufacture clean ozone, ozone that is free of any harmful by-products like nitric acids or oxides.

The process of manufacturing the ozone is relatively simple; oxygen (O2) is taken in by fans on the generators and driven past the UV lamps inside. The oxygen in the air is then converted to ozone (O3) by the UV light as the air passes by these lamps. It is the technology of our UV lamps that is the complex piece of the puzzle and proves why Advanced Mold Control remain the industry leaders with this technology.

Our methodology ensures that each job is carefully approached to ensure maximum benefit. When the process is complete fresh air is pumped into the space and the ozone levels are monitored as they fall back to normal levels. The area is now safe to enter and more importantly clean and healthy for you and your family!

Ozone is the second most powerful sterility in the world and acts as an oxidizing agent and a highly effective disinfectant; it is used throughout the world to destroy any micro-organism that comes into contact with, including bacteria, viruses yeast and molds. Eliminating kitchen cooking odor, bad cigarette & cigar odors, pet odor and any other kind of bad odor you can ever imagine.

Ozone is naturally purifying the air we breathe. If ozone does not exist, there wouldn’t be any life form on planet earth.  Benefits of ozone are widely accepted throughout the world.

Advanced Botanical


Our Advanced Botanical Prevents and KILLS MOLD and mildew as well as prevents odors caused by bacteria, fungi and other organisms. This product has superior penetration into porous substances, such as wood, concrete, drywall and fabric.  As a disinfectant, it works amazing on water damage or sewage cleanup jobs by killing 99.99% of bacteria in seconds. It has no harmful residue that must be removed. Advanced Botanical is a bactericide that has thymol oil in it which is an EPA-recognized disinfectant and fungicide. It utilizes plant-based ingredients that are non-toxic and biodegradable. Advanced Botanical can be sprayed on surfaces or it can be fogged. It is non-flammable, non-combustible, and non-corrosive.