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Mold Inspection
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Mold Inspection Service

Our visual inspection service starts with the area of concern that you have with your home to identify potential causes of mold growth in the area, and inspection of any other areas that could pose potential problems with mold. Our Certified inspector at Advanced Mold Control will provide you with comprehensive solutions to remove the mold and offer permanent sollutions to prevent mold from returning.

Mold Testing and reports

We start with taking samples from several areas for complete inspection. Sample locations will always include an outdoor sample (used as a baseline or control), and additional samples from the interior living space, basement, crawlspace and attic areas of the home.

The independent lab will issue a report detailing results found for the samples taken. Samples are categorized in ELEVATED or NON-ELEVATED conditions, identifying mold species found by scientific name and counts established with that mold spore in a specific area.