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ODORS Control


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The Advanced system will seek out and destroy bacteria, molds, fungi, viruses, noxious odors and contaminating particles such as smoker’s residue, pet odors, cooking odors, household odors, hydrocarbons, garbage, dead and decaying carcass odors, animal and human waste, restroom odors, plus formaldehyde and petroleum product odors.

All are destroyed rather than masked or covered up with temporary chemical deodorizers that can be harmful to our environment.

Although The Advanced System will usually take care of offending odors with one treatment, tough problems may require several repeat exposures to completely eliminate the problem.  Remember that the problem you are attempting to clean up may have accumulated over a period of time and may be deeply imbedded.

Stale smelling areas contaminated with pipe, cigar, cigarette smoke, toilet, urine and foul odors that are temporarily masked by janitorial applications with so-called “sanitizers” can be made to smell fresh and clean.

Odors in homes and other areas are composed of many different noxious elements and materials.  These are the culprits that become entrapped in wool, cotton, synthetic fibers as well as numerous other materials.  These are the odors that often cannot be removed by any other method other than our Advanced System.

Dry cleaning solvents (such as perchloroethylene) lock odors into garments and drapes (just like shampooing a rug or furniture) making odor elimination nearly impossible.  The solution to this problem is to treat garments, rugs, drapes and furniture with our system before the item(s) is dry-cleaned or shampooed for the best results.

Pet Odors

When it comes to pet odors, animal urine odors are the most difficult to deal with. Even though our system will eliminate odors, it too has its limitations.  Because animals usually return to the same spot to urinate, there can be a great deal of damage that occurs under carpeted areas, therefore it is sometimes necessary for the homeowner to pull up the carpeting in the problem area and replace the padding beneath and at times the carpeting as well. We have had tremendous success in eliminating the odors with our Advanced technology.  

Cigarette/Cigar Smoke or Extreme Cooking Odors

Smoking odors permeate everything; walls, furnishings, window treatments, etc.  The same is true of extreme cooking odors, particularly that produce distinct odors (i.e. curries, ginger, chili peppers, baharat,, etc.).  Our Advanced system will destroy the odors.

Why is Mold Hazardous

The spores can be easily inhaled, causing the following symptoms:

  • headaches and/or fever
  • coughing, wheezing
  • runny nose/sinus problems
  • ongoing flu-like symptoms
  • skin rashes
  • Diarrhea and hypersensitivity
  • Pneumonitis, asthma, or other immune responses

A few mold species are capable of producing toxins if a proper food source is available. People vary in their sensitivity to the concentration of spores in the air. The elderly, children, and people with compromised immune systems are most vulnerable to the effects of spores. However, even healthy people may react to high concentrations!