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One of the keys to controlling your mold issue is controlling moisture. Mold spores are dependent upon water to grow. Moisture enters your home from a wide variety of sources, including the very air you breathe.

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Step 1: Humidity and moisture control

If you want to prevent mold growth, you need to prevent moisture from entering your home as best as you can, and eliminate the humidity.

Moisture creeps in from the ground, through the concrete walls and floors of your home. This moisture can permanently damage your foundation and furnishings and put your household at risk of bacteria and mold growth.

Step 2: Temperature control

The next step is to control the temperature of your home. Mold tends to thrive in temperatures between 32 and 100 degrees. The hot summer weather only encourages mold growth. Running air conditioning helps, but if your air is humid, temperatures may not be uniformly low enough.

Pay close attention to areas inside your cabinets and closets, as well as behind your drapes and furniture. These places are often warmer than the rest of your home and can trap humidity if the air is not properly circulated.

Step 3: Invest and install the right dehumidifier

Call our experienced team today to have a new Aprilaire complete home dehumidifier installed. The system will provide your family with protection, durability and convenience for years to come.

Our units remove moisture from the air and provide better protection against mold and mildew. They are designed for heavy usage in damp basements and crawl spaces and have a long life, including a industry leading 5-year all-inclusive warranty. No more regular dumping out musty water and best of all, Made in the USA.