Generally, mold is caused by high humidity, untreated leaks or floods in a basement or crawlspace. Organic materials like drywall paper and wood floors are common places where mold will grow. In times of high humidity, areas underneath your home can become damp, and any wood, paper, or cloth materials there can be a breeding ground for mold. Air with moisture in it can also enter your crawlspace or basement and the moisture can create condensation on cooler surfaces and become optimal for mold growth. Although you can try to clean the mold yourself, it will continue to grow back until all moisture is gone.

The professionals at Advanced Mold Control can dry out your basement or crawlspace. When you set up a free inspection, Advanced Mold Control will work with you to figure out the best solution for your problem. With over 20 years of qualified experience, we will find the best solution to fit your needs.